Legend of Mighty Magic

डाऊनलोडस 50k - 250k
आवृत्ती 1.5 1 महिने आधी

Legend of Mighty Magic चे वर्णन

Ready to be the most powerful player of legend turnbased game? Download Legend of Mighty Magic now!

Start in the new world of Legend of Mighty Magic in pvp realtime with the most fantastic tbs battles. Everything is new in this magic adventure where you need to explore new lands, grow your guild and defeat the enemies in pvp realtime.

Start discovering a new continent in a fresh, unexplored map full of legend and heroes in this tactic game of pvp magic. Explore the new world of tactile games throughout a new turnbased strategy game. Play it anytime in your devices in amazing tbs battles and pvp spell battle.

The best game for those people looking for:

► player-versus-player

► turnbased strategy game

► magic turnbased battles

► heroes

► pvp realtime

► tbs legend adventures

► pvp magic

► tactile games

Join us to:

► create your guild

► fight against powerful creatures

► combat in the tbs battles

► have control of your destiny

► play it using spell attack

► participate in the amazing challenge of tactile games

Play the new legend turnbased game using your favorite player-versus-player strategies like pvp realtime, pvp spell battle, tbs battles.

★ Legend of Mighty Magic: Upgrade your game! ★

You will play a legend turnbased game fighting against the most powerful creatures like goblins and demons in pvp spell battle. Find the best heroes and strategy to win the magic turnbased battles and defeat the enemies. Use the currencies of Gold, Crystals and Diamonds to upgrade your game and equip players in the turnbased strategy game. You can use spell attack to win in this challenging game.

★ Legend of Mighty Magic: Use your magic ★

This is a tactic game full of pvp magic. All gamers are welcome to create their strategy, use spell attack, build an incredible guild and win the game. LoMM is the best option to play tactile games full of magic and creativity.

★ Legend of Mighty Magic: Your energy is Life ★

Your energy in the game is Life and you need it to combat in the tbs battles and magic turnbased battles. You can wait to recover your Life points and continue playing or buy Life using the Diamonds, so you can go on the tactic game in your tbs battles. The LoMM legend turnbased game gets more challenging every time!

★ Legend of Mighty Magic: Make your heroes powerful ★

Be wise when choosing your Heroes! You can improve their status in the Hero Altar in Level, Stars and Equipment. The strongest your Heroes, more succesful you will have in pvp spell battle to win the legend turnbased game.

★ Legend of Mighty Magic: Create the best guild ★

It’s easy to play with the heroes assembled ready to save your guild in exciting magic turnbased battles. The magic heroes in the pvp realtime have different personalities to enrich your team and prominent skills to develop, creating powerful spell attack. Choose your best heroes to play in pvp realtime.

★ Legend of Mighty Magic: Be a legendary gamer ★

Do you want to get to the national rankings of the pvp realtime? Download now and conquer the world! Play the Legend of Mighty Magic in turnbased strategy game and pvp spell battle, use your ambition to fight with your ranged heroes in the battle of the plunder Ladder league.

In this legend turnbased game, your ambition takes you to the national rankings of the best magic turnbased battles players.

Download Legend of Might Magic to start playing a tactic game full of pvp magic; challenge yourself and your friends to have the best guild in the game.

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आवृत्ती 1.5
सुसंगती Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
निर्माता Gamebau
गोपनीयता धोरण http://www.gamebau.com/en-priv
परवानग्या 9

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